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Ho ho hoooooly crap introductions are hard

This is a message to notify you about a Secret Santa event run by tumblr user Tachimukai! This has been sent to friends and various followers, but feel free to pass it along or tell your buddies to contact me for their own! EVERYONE is welcome to participate, and the more the merrier!!
If you want to participate, you just have to fill out the form (at the end of the message) and send it to secretsantablog through the SUBMIT BOX PLEASE!!!!
But what IS it? Basically, a person (randomly chosen) will send you an anime to watch over Winter break or whenever you have time, and you will send one to them. You must watch the anime by January 15th  (DON’T WORRY!!! You will have a lot of time) and reply to the person who sent it to you with what you thought.
-In order to participate, you MUST have a myanimelist account or any other anime list for people to use as a reference (animeplanet, hummingbird, a screenshot of your word document, etc) This is to avoid people getting things they’ve already seen. It would be helpful if you also had a dropped and on-hold list.
-THE ANIME MUST BE 26 EPISODES OR SHORTER!!! If the episodes are longer than 25 minutes, it can only be 13 episodes or fewer. OVA’s and specials don’t count. It CAN have a sequel/sequels, but the person is only required to watch the first season for the secret santa (which should be under 26)
-If you REALLLLYYYY can’t stand the anime you were given and don’t think you can finish it, contact the person and (POLITELY) ask for something else. Please try to watch it though if you can.
-Anime must NOT have any NSFW content (sorry, but no Boku no Pico) /Light/ fanservice isn’t a big deal, but keep it as clean as possible. ESPECIALLY if someone writes on their app that they hate fanservice.
-Please try to be considerate of the person you’re exchanging with!! If their app says they hate horror, don’t ignore that. If someone specifically writes on their app things that they are uncomfortable with or are triggered by, consider that when choosing what to send.
-Please try to avoid sending the same like 5 shows everybody is into (see: SnK, Madoka Magica, Kuroko’s Basketball, Free!, etc.) Chances are that if it’s not on their list, they probably just don’t want to watch it since it’s everywhere and it’s very hard to avoid spoilers/not see most of the show in tumblr gifs. I’m not saying it has to be obscure, but it’s not very fun if it’s super predictable either, you know?
-The deadline to apply is November 25th!!! You will receive your exchange partner somewhere between November 27-28th and will have until January 15th to watch the show. I think that’s probably enough time to watch 26 episodes or fewer? If you’re too busy, it might be better to wait until next year (or, if this works out, I might do another one for Valentine’s Day)
-Please let your partner know what you thought by January 20th if possible. Be polite when you do!!! Even if you didn’t like it, don’t be a jerk. “It wasn’t my thing and I kind of didn’t like ___, but ___ was kind of neat.” People will probably send through submit box, but I guess keep your ask open just in case.
-Make sure your anime is accessible!!! It MUST be subbed (if there’s a dub and the recipient decides to watch that instead, that’s up to them) and not super difficult to find/only available on super sketchy streaming sites with porn ads on the side. Preferably, stuff on Hulu would be great, but as long as it’s not too hard to find it’s fine. Whether they stream or download is entirely up to the person. If you really can’t find it, contact your person.
-When choosing your anime, myanimelist is a great resource because it has information about the rating, episode count, and just about anything else you need to know.
-The anime can’t be something that’s currently airing. It must be complete already.
-If there’s an even number of people, everyone will get a partner. If there’s an odd number, I will participate and make it even, so don’t worry. Everyone will get someone.

please submit to secretsantablog or tachimukai by the deadline!!

Tumblr username:
Name you’d prefer to be called (optional):
Favorite Genres:
Top 5 Favorite Anime:
Things you dislike:
Link to Anime List:
Additional notes (optional):

If you have any questions, message SecretSantaBlog or Tachimukai (Ely)
Also, follow secretsantablog if you want updates!!


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Bad valentine confessions exhibit A. Hi Binayo.


happy valentine, dear(●´∀`)ノ♡