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Wow, this sounds indeed like a train wreck! xD;; (I still have to check it)

Wizard Barristers actually surprised me. Yes, it’s crazy fast paced, but the setting is really good and well thought. The characters so far are a bit standard though. Now the only thing left is hoping they make good use of this setup.




Thank you all so much! This really makes me happy, omg! I had a great day today and this just makes my day even better!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! ((┌|o^▽^o|┘))♪

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*__* If you’re in need of ideas, you should check out Martha Stewart’s home decoration ideas! Just googling it probably works. It’s very inspiring! xD;

Oh! I’m writing that down. I’m collecting all kinds of inspirations, reading magazines about decorations and such. It’s fun to collect some ideas!

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Actual bought as in “no more rent”? That’s awesome!! :D Your own house… oh, the decoration possibilities! I hope you have lots of fun setting in! :3

Yes! Bought as in ‘no more rent’! I can do whatever I want with my house, I even have a terrace! Decorating is the most fun part about moving into a new house!

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Oh! I see! xD;; That’s an interesting code to write secret messages, haha.

Interesting but takes too much time, that’s why we are now all using whatsapp

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I never had a smart phone and I don’t know what that means, either. What does it mean?

Text message using telephone keypad.

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Maousama of our generation XD
That actually sounds pretty sensible!

I should go into politics.

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its coming to get all of ur toilet paper soon

Actually we are out of toilet paper on a very regular basis. I think we are out of paper more times than we should be. We are often joking that people take toilet paper home XD

That’s creepy! D:

It is! Maybe Moaning Myrtle decided to haunt our bathroom.

*hugs you* You are going to watch the same as me, that makes me happy, I’ll be able to have more fun thanks to your tags

It’s just a list of series that spiked my interest. It’ll depend on the first few episodes if I’ll end up watching it, but usually my watching list does not differ much. 

By the way don’t we usually end up watching the same series? We have good decision skills!

Makai Ouji and Free and Brothers Conflict, although BC is an Otoge adaptation please i beg them to let there be other relationships instead of every guy going for the one girl and yaoi material omfg ill show you some of the official art omg

Hahaha, omg that official art! The possibilities of me watching this just raised with 200% XD Thanks for the link!

That’s a good decision, too, I admire your patience! xD

Actually even if I did decide to read the manga now, there’s no way I’ll catch up before the anime is over. I’m a very slow manga reader, 3 chapters a day is already a lot! XD

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I read ‘braids’ as ‘brains’ and was slightly confused. Now it makes sense. xD;

hahaha I actually went back to that post to check my tags. What? Did I write it as brains? I certainly didn’t….or maybe I did? XD

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Well, that depends on the person. It’s hard to say which is more disturbing in an objective way. The thing is, HxH is a lot more psychologically disturbing, while SnK is more visually (or metaphorically?) disturbing. imo.

I think both are disturbing, snk just has more shock value. Terrible things are following each other up much more quickly in snk without the build up that hxh is using. HxH takes its time and decides to suddenly drop the bomb, but they prepared you for it. SnK just drops the bomb without warning.

Anyway both shows are good. I’m confused as to why I’m suddenly comparing these shows XD

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Oh, gee. I will feel so guilty if you end up not enjoying your dinner because of this! D’: But I’m probably over-reacting. (Best be prepared to feel disturbed.)

I finished my dinner and I’m halfway trhough the episode. So far so good XD

kaitoleen replied to your post: Ahaha, no, I’m sure you can still watch episode 80 while having dinner. xD; It’s horrifically depressing, but not stomach-turning.

But still, it’s violent! Not blood-c violent, but slightly more than previous episodes of HxH.

If it’s not more brutal than blood c I can handle it. On the other hand, previous hxh already had me going like: WTF DID THEY JUST… OMFG THEY DIDN’T. But that’s also why I like watching hxh, it keeps surprising me.


Ahaha, no, I'm sure you can still watch episode 80 while having dinner. xD; It's horrifically depressing, but not stomach-turning.

Ok good! And I’m prepared for feels now, so bring it on!