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Instead of ‘spawn of satan’ I almost wrote ‘spawn of sayan’.

11 Reasons to Watch Brothers Conflict
  1. She’s nothing but a little sister
  2. There’s an elevator in their house?
  3. Holy frick they have an entire apartment building to themselves?
  4. This will end in war
  5. Perfect, I forgot to buy meat for dinner
  6. Twins
  7. Let me rephrase that… GAY twins
  8. She ships it
  9. Don’t underestimate the loli bro, he’s the biggest wolf of them all
  10. Sister complex
  11. It’s just ovaries

Shit google has figured out my secret

saluja-alibaba replied to your post: I never thought I was going …

IKR? IKR? IKR? I was freaking out when I saw it yesterday, I totally didn’t expect this and, holy fuck, this arc is having a lot of things like this, remember the arrow boy and the bee girl

Yes! And to think that I was kind of bored with this arc just a few episodes ago…

I don’t know what shocked me more, his death or the fact they show this on Sunday morning 11AM while all the kids are watching with no freaking censors…

I’m sure you’ll do great! X3

I really do hope so. Maybe I should end my speech with ‘single and available, now let’s eat all of the food!’ Within a crowd of 200 people, there must be a nice Japanese husbando that I can pick up right?


This is no time to be liking my post. I’m facing a crisis right now! I have no dinner, I’m really hungry and the pizza guy is taking too long OTL

What happened? I wanted to pick up my plate, but it was too hot so I dropped it. I probably didn’t raise it any higher than 5cm, but it broke pretty neatly once it hit the surface XD