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rivaillely replied to your post: rivaillely replied to your po…

I don’t know, the white haired ones are always my bbies too. ;-; FUCKING GIN FROM WHOZIT. HOTARUBI NO MORI E. FUCKING GIN, DUDE. I’m still not over that. alsO WHAT THE FUCK DID TUMBLR DO TO THAT POST OMFG /ded

Gin, Ginko, Natsume Takashi, (in the manga he’s white haired so it counts), Ichimaru Gin, Lag Seeing and Gauche Suede, Allen Walker, Kakashi, Sohpie Hatter, Aru Akise, Momo (Shinigami no Ballad), Aono Morimiya (Sola)……….let’s just stop there for now before I start crying again.


baccibloo replied to your post: You’re obviously Grizzly’s son, he raised you by himself after your fictional mother’s tragical dissappearance, which means your life is now a Jojo/Shirokuma Cafe crossover!

Awww, welp, you could write that idea somewhere and draw it when you’re more confident? Also, can I aks for my fictional parents? /too lazy to reblog the post/my internet is kinda derp tonight

“Polar Bear, look at my new yoyo!”


“That would be JoJo.”

“That would be GioGio.”

…I suddenly regret everything.

Wait wait wait…wah?