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Just a piece of advice, don’t bother wasting your time watching this movie!

The trailer looks awesome. The summary makes sense. The visuals are stunning. But the storytelling was really bad!

Life is all happy but then summer doesn’t come for several years. Budori’s parents run off into the wood, leaving two kids to starve to death. The next thing I know is I started hallucinating, because a mystery figure appears and kidnaps Budori’s sister Mary into some sort of underworld. What does Budori do? He works for another shady figure in a dream word, throwing some glowing balls. Then he wakes up and becomes a farmer! After several years the farm runs out of work and Budori moves to the city. Finally he gets a clue about his sister, she’s working in a circus in the underworld. But that doesn’t matter, because Budori gets to join a volcano department and spends several more years working! Again a cold front strikes the country, but Budori blasts a volcano and solves the problem at the cost of his life. Everyone gets to live happily ever after. What happened to Budori’s sister or his parents? Nobody cares, let’s repeat some happy family scenes and switch to the credits. THE END!

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