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Anonymous ━

Your photoset of Mushishi had my exact emotion as well.

Thanks, haha!

You know what blow my mind this episode? The realization that some people with near death experience talk about seeing a light. The river of life is where all life comes back and this river IS ‘the light’. Those people were about the enter the river but didn’t and holy shit I need to stop thinking about this stuff NOW.

Anonymous ━

I need to keep in mind that Mushishi episodes could end up sad. This time it didn't but it almost did.

That’s just the good part of Mushishi. It has happy endings but sometimes not so happy endings. If you want to watch something happy I would pick something else. Every episode has me quit once it ends. It’s just amazing how it’s able to do that no matter how many times I watch it.

Damn feelful spoilers (/ _ ; ) ugh ginko stop

Teenager Ginko had me worried every damn single second of this episode. HOW THE HELL DID HE SURVIVE?!